Belgium Ranking 5 2009

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Sunday, 15 March 2009 20:17

Belgium Ranking No.5 PLAYED ON 14/15 MARCH 2009 IN RE SC-SPOT HASSELT.Beste people, Belgium, the ranking is over for this season. Luca Brecel has been able to achieve target. He has five of the tournaments for men and 1 Final 2 semi finals to play again so he climbs in the ranking Belgium. In the second B.ranking lose in the first round against a strong Geudens playing Mario in the fourth tournament, he should specify in the second round with buikkrampen.Het next tournament he will play the U19 Championship in St.Petersburg and This will start in the next weekend.Hier a few breaks that Luca Brecel has made this ranking 30,33,36,40,40,42,48,49,54,57,57,59,69,81 Belgium , 82,101,108. Luca Brecel is currently 31 official at the century's final to earn ranking points for this season at the Belgian Championships in May 2009 Quarter-Finals

 Björn Haneveer 4 to 1 Mario Van Herk
 Luca Brecel 4-2 Mario Geudens
 Kevin Van Hove 4 to 1 Kurt Desplenter
 Jurgen Van Den Bossche 4-2 Vanhee Nick
Semi Finals

Jurgen Van Den Bossche 2 to 4 Kevin Van Hove

 Björn Haneveer 4 -2 Luca Brecel

Björn Haneveer 5 to 1 Kevin Van Hove



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