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Luca Brecel handed world open slots
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Sunday, 27 June 2010 09:11

From 110sport

Belgian prodigy Luca Brecel has been awarded a place in the qualifying rounds of the World Open.

Considered one of the most promising talents in snooker, 15-year-old Brecel recently became the youngest ever winner of the European Championship, beating several experienced players including Holland’s Roy Stolk 7-4 in the final. He is also the current Belgian champion.

Given promises made of talent being 'fast-tracked' to the top, it would have been impossible for World Snooker to ignore Brecel's performances.

The unique new tournament will see 32 amateur players enter the professional qualifying rounds at the World Snooker Academy in Sheffield from August 21-24, when they will be battling to get through to the televised stages at the SECC in Glasgow in September. Two amateur places have been allocated to juniors, with Brecel selected for one those slots.

Snookerclassic 2010 in Erfurt Germany
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Monday, 07 June 2010 15:28

       Thousands of spectators had found their way into the exhibition hall in Erfurt. Sunday, 05/09/2010,
According to organizers, more than 1800 spectators occurred to their stars in action.
The organization was a bit overwhelmed by the large turnout and therefore the event was launched in 1920 min.vertraging.

The exhibition was on this Sunday completely dominated by spectacle and show.
First it was the turn of the English top players Hendry, Davis and Carter, at a speed game snooker, (10 red balls, table as fast as you play)
First, if we had a bit doubtful about this approach but it still turned out a good move by the organization.

Sascha Lippe played after the break and a game of speed Brecel Luca snooker and it was under a thunderous applause from our young Belgian.
Luca is known in Germany as a quick and attractive player and the German public has very much appreciate this young guy.

To finish was a little tornooitje played with a best of 1.
The pros and a few wildcards and played among themselves and Luca Lippe played for a place in the quarter finals.
The match of Luca and Sascha started in a wait-round study.
Luca waited patiently for his chance and played the empty table with a handsome 93 break, his name had completely taken by the Germans, Luca into the semi-finals.

In this semi-final was a best of 3 but Luca was up against the grandmaster Stephen Hendry.
Hendry still with the defeat of Bruges in mind was very keen to play and eventually won the match 2-0.
On the other hand, could the Davis Council is continuing to pull, the finale was so Hendry US Davis.

Now it was still the third and fourth place between Luca and Carter.
This was resolved by five warehouses and lung knew our little Belgians under a thunderous applause to beat the No. four of the World.

In the other game did our veteran Steve Davis to win the Finals with 2-1of Stephen Hendry.

At the end of the evening was still around 1000 fans start queuing for an autograph of snooker stars and I think Luke has so much his name has mogen nooit zoals write on this night.

2009-2010 Snooker rank of Belgium season was ended
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Thursday, 15 April 2010 06:43

Luca Brecel looks back on a successful campaign ranking in Belgium.

Luca attended the five rankings of this season 2009-2010 in Belgium,and he played less than three times Finals and won the second in Hasselt.

The last in the series of five was won by the Main Tour player Bjorn Haneveer.

By ascending to the summit in the Belgian standings in the men Luca a qualifying forced to participate in the European Championships Men 2010 in Romania, which at his young age (15 years old) it may be considered as one of the exceptions in Europe.

Luca Brecel participated the European Championships Men 2010 in Romania, which at his young age (15 years old) it may be considered as one of the exceptions in Europe.

We wish Luca Brecel success in his participation of European Championships in Bucharest 2010

Luca Brecel worked again with his coach Moermans
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Monday, 29 March 2010 10:49

The 15 years old European Snooker Champion Luca Brecel got back under the wing of coach Danny Moermans. Six months ago they splitted up, but in preparation for the European Championships in Malta, the wrinkles ironed was out. Having been cooperating for four years Brecel Luca and Danny Moermans went on the spectacular road to the snooker top. Brecel who was only 15 years old last week is the youngest European Champion U19 and recently established by the management agency 110 Sport,  which also include the interests of Ronnie O'Sullivan and Stephen Hendry defends.

Words from John Higgins
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Saturday, 06 March 2010 09:49

Luca Brecel with John Higgins

"It would mean everything if one of these countries could produce a champion in the future. We've got a young Belgian boy Luca Brecel, we've put him in the series.

"He's just won the European Under-19s so we gave him a wildcard into it, so it's all going to be about giving the cream of the talent wildcards into it.

"It would be as satisfying seeing one of them win something as it would me winning it. I was over in Israel playing a young chap, Shakar Rubair, who's 14.

"For him to get the chance to play me, he had a whole apartment renovated, in match conditions, for me to go over there and play him for a few days."

There will be 16 players in this year's World Series finals in Portugal - the World Cup of snooker.

Higgins went on: "We're not about creating a different world champion like in boxing. We spoke to World Snooker about that."

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