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Luca Brecel European Champion 2009
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Thursday, 30 April 2009 15:27

April 28, 2009
On March 8 Luca Brecel has become 14. An age when many young people in full-phase are the playstation, frequent TV and hang when the first interest in girls comes up .. But there are also people who are different .. Young people who even at that age consciously choose to go for a project, go for a challenge that they prepare themselves. We often see that many young people who seek challenges in the sport. Luca Brecel is one of them! He chose for his full sport, snooker, and has now become the absolute top talent in the world!
Luca Brecel, a while ago hardly anyone had heard of him already in Limburg. Meanwhile almost every Limburger knows him, especially the Limburg with a sporting heart.  

It is not every day in the province of a small house party for someone being given. It is not every day that is honored as a true champion, and it is certainly not every day that someone is 14 years! Hence commissioner of Sport Hilde Claes also very happy but also very proud that she may receive in the county Luca Brecel house.  

Last month was the presentation of Luca Brecel at the Limburg sports prizes one of the three candidates for the trophy of the promising younger years. He was also one of the youngest candidates ever in that category, but across Ontario that he was up there among the other two candidates Sat! He has not achieved when sipping.  

Luca Brecel times what the European Championships in St Petersburg has shown, had great class! If gin -19 year olds in the European title poaching is an achievement that no one should underestimate.


Luca Brecel wins first Euro Tour 2009
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Sunday, 11 October 2009 18:25

11/10 2009 is the first of 3 Euro Tour tournaments played in the Match Room in Antwerp.

There were 10 groups of 5 where the first of each group went through to the last 16.

In each group was played to a best of 3. At this stage all matches in his pool Luca Brecel won 2-0.

In the last 16 Luca Brecel came out against the Maltese Alex Borg and it was certainly a good and exciting game of many safety programs and a century's number, 132, and 105 of Luca Brecel Borg and this in a most exciting match of 5.Deze Luca Brecel was won by 3-1.

In the 1 / 4 finals Luca Brecel had it up against the strong play The Witte.Tino Tino opened the first frame with a handsome 70 break.Het Luca  was second frame towards himself. The third frame after many safety Tinno game was again a 70 break. Luca  herpakte himself and eventually won 3-2.

The 1 / 2 final against fellow countryman Mario Van Herk also a very good tournament but that was engaged by the press both players here and there stabbing dropped the final result was 3-1 in favor Luca Brecel.

In the final against Kristof Vermeiren Luca Brecel kept the pressure on the boiler with good safety play and won the first Euro Tour 2009 with 4-0.

The highest break of the tournament (132) was named Luca Brecel in his letter.


Luca wins the fourth national cadet tournament in Hasselt sc Play ball
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Friday, 12 February 2010 04:16

The fourth national cadet tournament on February 16 that was played in Hasselt sc play ball for the fourth consecutive year won by Luca Brecel. Saturday he played a total of 11 frames and lost 0.


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