Luca Brecel is well-known in China

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Wednesday, 06 October 2010 03:44

Luca and Robertson in China

Luca Brecel, since this year the youngest ever European snooker champion as a senior, is back from his trip to China. Together with his entourage stayed the 15-year-old super talent at the invitation of sponsor Yalin eight days in Shanghai for a few demonstration races.
During an exhibition played billiards Brecel Yalin on the stand in the spotlight (he beat world champion Neil Robertson, inter alia, with 4-0), making him one day later in the national television news did arrive. Impact on the Limburg was a small boy star in China.People clung to him for an autograph on the street or stood waiting for him at the entrance of the hotel for a photo. In a city two hours away, where Brecel up against some local club players, he was greeted with flowers and received a standing ovation upon entering the snooker hall. After the factions was followed by a photo session and an interview.
Brecel also made the trip to a race at the Shanghai Masters to attend. Between sessions, he also claimed there by Chinese fans, who clearly in their hearts closed.

To thank you for so much publicity was given a gift of sponsorship Brecel Yalin: a true scorer's table, and soon made for him at home in Bicester delivered. With greetings from big boss Mr. Ding.




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