Luca Brecel won the Belgian Tour 2011 Dec.

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Monday, 26 December 2011 02:31

Luca continues to compete on the Belgian National Tour as well as the Pro Tour, and has recently won event 2 of the current season, beating 'Pistol Pete' Bullen 5-2 in the final, to lead the one year rolling rankings. Luca had lost in the final of event 1 to Kevin van Hove.


Event 2 results:


Quarter finals

Kevin Van Hove beat Wai Hin Chu 4-0

Luca Brecel beat Alain Vandersteen 4-1

Peter Bullen beat Jurgen Vandenbossche 4-2

Yvan Van Velthoven beat Jean-Luc Di Franco 4-1


Semi finals

Luca Brecel beat Kevin Van Hove 4-1

Peter Bullen beat Yvan Van Velthoven 4-3



Luca Brecel beat Peter Bullen 5-2

High Break - Peter Bullen 138


Rolling 1 year rankings:

Luca Brecel 725

Peter Bullen 680

Kevin Van Hove 605

Yvan Van Velthoven 605

Jurgen Van Den Bossche 445

Jean-Luc Di Franco 440

Mario Van Herk 404

Alain Vandersteen 404

Guy Hendrickx 400


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