Luca Brecel wins first Euro Tour 2009

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Sunday, 11 October 2009 18:25

11/10 2009 is the first of 3 Euro Tour tournaments played in the Match Room in Antwerp.

There were 10 groups of 5 where the first of each group went through to the last 16.

In each group was played to a best of 3. At this stage all matches in his pool Luca Brecel won 2-0.

In the last 16 Luca Brecel came out against the Maltese Alex Borg and it was certainly a good and exciting game of many safety programs and a century's number, 132, and 105 of Luca Brecel Borg and this in a most exciting match of 5.Deze Luca Brecel was won by 3-1.

In the 1 / 4 finals Luca Brecel had it up against the strong play The Witte.Tino Tino opened the first frame with a handsome 70 break.Het Luca  was second frame towards himself. The third frame after many safety Tinno game was again a 70 break. Luca  herpakte himself and eventually won 3-2.

The 1 / 2 final against fellow countryman Mario Van Herk also a very good tournament but that was engaged by the press both players here and there stabbing dropped the final result was 3-1 in favor Luca Brecel.

In the final against Kristof Vermeiren Luca Brecel kept the pressure on the boiler with good safety play and won the first Euro Tour 2009 with 4-0.

The highest break of the tournament (132) was named Luca Brecel in his letter.



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