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Monday, 28 February 2011 14:20


Luca Brecel showed his talent again in the Limburg Peer .

Luca Brecel won the fourth Belgium snooker ranking tournament of the season.

Brecel showed especially in the final phase a very strong impression. So he defeated in the quarterfinals of the former Belgian champion Danny Lather, 4-2. In the semifinals he main tour player Bjorn Haneveer checking 4-0.

Yvan Van Velthoven, multiple Belgian champion, charged into the semifinals with Eddy Kverh. In the final, Van Velthoven could initially keep pace. So even Antwerp took a 3-2 lead. Brecel took over the next three frames but with breaks of 121 and 118.

Right first time for a 5-3 victory and his fourth ranking title of his Belgium snooker's nascent career.



Quarter Finals:


Eddy Kverh - 4-2 Kevin Van Hove

Yvan Van Velthoven - Kristof Vermeiren 4-1

Bjorn Haneveer - Peter Bullen 4-3

Luca Brecel - Danny Lather 4-2



Yvan Van Velthoven - Eddy Kverh 4-0

Luca Brecel - Bjorn Haneveer 4-0



Luca Brecel - Yvan Van Velthoven 5-3


Belgium Ranking TOP 8 E-mail
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Saturday, 25 December 2010 06:45

On the weekend of 11/12 December 2010 was finished in Antwerp

Currently Top 8 in Belgium:

The Highest break of the tournament: 134  (by Luca Brecel)

The top 8 players:

1 Kevin Van Hove 675

2 Luca Brecel 605

3 Peter Bullen 590

4 Ivan Van Velthoven 510

5 Kristof Vermeiren  505

6 Bjorn Haneveer 483

7 Mario Van Herk 474

8 Kver Eddy 455



Luca Brecel Posted on the German Masters E-mail
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Saturday, 11 December 2010 15:07

Luca Brecel has been through the EPTC can place ranking for the Germantown Masters.Luca will be the 6 th and last event in Prague EPTC not participate but he was as No..One ended in the state of the European rankings and has thus a place to get any final tournament of the Masters''Germantown''

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