No. 4 Ranking in Ghent Belgium E-mail
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Sunday, 11 January 2009 19:33

31/01/2009 Belgium, the No. 4 ranking sc finished in St Martin in Ghent.

The results:

Results quarter finals:

Haneveer - Hemelsoet: 4-0
Van Den Bossche - De Bruyn: 4-0
From Goubergen - Hendrickx: 4-2
Henry - 1.4 Geudens

Haneveer is in the 3rd frame 112 and lacks a greenhouse on a potential 147-maximum
Geudens makes the whole game with 7 breaks 30 + 2x62, 55, ...
Results semi finals:
Bjorn Haneveer - Jurgen Van den Bossche 4.3
Tim van Gaubergen - Mario Geudens 2.4
Haneveer - Geudens 1.5
Luca Brecel was the tournament started well with a 3-0 gain in the next round but had to give up with stomach cramps.
The next tournament that plays Luca Brecel is the Limburg on Sunday 8/02/2009 A ranking in sc Bon'Aparte to zonhoven at 10:00 pm
Sincerely, Luke's team.


Hasselt Play Ball 2009 E-mail
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Sunday, 04 January 2009 19:23

Luca Brecel Sunday, 04/01/2009 regional tournament ranking No.3 Juniors played snooker club in Hasselt Play Ball.

These are the results of Luca Brecel: The pools Nicky Godeyne v Brecel Luca Brecel 0-2

Joeri v Kleynen Brecel Luca Brecel 0-2

V 0-2 Julius Grauls Brecel Luca Brecel

Semi Final: De Luca Brecel Staelen Laurens v 2.3

Finale: Heusdens Jurian v Brecel Luca Brecel 3-0

The Breaks of 40 + Luca Brecel in this tournament were: 40,48,50,52,56,60 and 104

On 09/01/2009 is the next trip to London since 2 days to train with Jimmy White.

Then he goes on 12/01/2009 to Malta as the European U 17 to play.


Belgium Open U 21 E-mail
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Wednesday, 31 December 2008 09:22

Luca Brecel confirmed at the first Open U 21 in Genk Belgium.

After Saturday first to be initiated into his pool Luca Brecel are 1 / 4 finale Sunday at 10 am from the UK. player Nick Jennings.


Harrison - 4.2 Baird
Luca Brecel - 4.3 Jennings
Wilson - The Staelen 4.2
Whitworth - Bond 4.2


Harrison - Whitworth 2.4

Wilson - Luca Brecel 1.4

Luca Brecel - Darrell Whitworth 5.4

Highest break: Brecel Luca Brecel, 121 116 103 80 67 65 56 51 43


International youth tournament days 1 E-mail
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Sunday, 21 December 2008 19:16

Luca Brecel has not missed the start of the first national youth tournament in the inte-Riley inn at Genk in snooker game. Because he knew the maximum points to be first and that such a player in his group and Sam Baird that you can also find in pios ranking. The latter had to surrender with 3-0 against Luca Brecel. Luca is in his 13 years the youngest player of the tournament and knew his century's two (116.120 and 80,64,51) a strong impression to the UK.spelers.

Luca Brecel starts sunday 21/12/08 in the 1 / 4 final against Nick Jennings and the match starts at 10:00 sharp.


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