Play Ball Hasselt Belgium 3 ranking E-mail
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Sunday, 21 December 2008 12:13

Here again some results of the Belgium third ranking snooker club who play in the Play Ball in Hasselt. Luca Brecel has not so bad because he has done again with the greats from Belgium to measure. Luca started Saturday in the 1 / 32 and easily won the first game 3 to 0 with Vincenzo Marchica. The 1 / 16 he was up against and there Lethecheur Frédéric Luca knew the sheet to itself to attract and won the match 3-1. Luca was still one match to play Sunday in the 1 / 4 finals to be allowed to start the last race in the 1 / 8 he was competing against Serge Lenaerts also a good tournament was playing. It was such a breath of the last match because both players had already been some hours at the table but a compliment for the two players because they knew in the late hours of a pot snooker nivaeu on the sheet but also to conjure up this 1 / 8 finale managed to win 3-0 so Luca Brecel by the 1 / 4 final was played on the following day.

Bjorn Haneveer (1) - Guy Hendrickx (9) 4-1
Kurt Desplenter (13) - Luca Brecel (4) 2-4
Yvan Van Velthoven (3) - Jurgen Van Den Bossche (23) 4-3
Mario Geudens (44) - Kevin Van Hove (2) 4-2

Bjorn Haneveer - Luca Brecel 4.1
Yvan Van Velthoven - Mario Geudens 2.4

Bjorn Haneveer - Mario Geudens 5.3

Highest break of the tournament for 137 Bjorn Haneveer.

Here the 40 breaks of Luca in Belgium this ranking: 41,42,43,43,48,49,50,52,53,63,69,86 and a nice 112 that his now 16 total sets.


National Cadets and Juniors E-mail
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Sunday, 07 December 2008 16:16

At 6 and December 7, 2008 Luca Brecel has two National Youth ranking tournaments finished. Saturday, he at the National Juniors for the third consecutive profit may write his name. Here are some results:

Luca Brecel - Laurens De Staelen: 3-1
Jurian Heusdens - Julius Grauls: 3-1
Alvyn Depoorter - Rob Smessaert: 3-0
Nicky Godeyne - Angelo Eyckmans: 3-0

Semi finals
Luca Brecel - Jurian Heusdens: 3-0
Alvyn Depoorter - Nicky Godeyne: 3-1

Luca Brecel - Alvyn Depoorter: 4-0

Also on Sunday at the National where the cadets but sad is made with only four bids for a national tournament in Luca has the final against the Frenchman Alexis Callewaert, 3-0 win.

The breaks of 40+ Luca on these tournaments were: 40,41,43,44,47,50,52,52,56,60,67,69.

The next tournament in Luca, the snooker club in Belgium Ranking the Play Ball in Hasselt on Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 15:00 pm


Ranking Limburg E-mail
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Sunday, 30 November 2008 12:56

The results of the Limburg A ranking

Last 16
Johan D'Hondt vs. Gilbert Engelbos: 3-0
Nicky Godeyne vs Mario Van Herk: 3-1
The Laurens Staelen vs Kevin Vande Voort: 3-0
Mark Buteneers Reekmans vs Rudy: 3-1
Davy Pauly vs. Ludovic Tardie: 3-2
Theo Ruyters vs Jan Huysmans: 3-0
Kevin Draulans vs Julius Grauls 3-1
Luca Brecel vs Jurian Heusdens: 3-2

Johan D'Hondt vs Nicky Godeyne: 3-2
The Laurens Staelen vs Mark Buteneers: 3-1
Theo Ruyters vs Davy Pauly: 3-1
Luca Brecel vs Kevin Draulans: 3-0

Semi finals
Johan D'Hondt vs Laurens De Staelen: 4-3
Luca Brecel vs Theo Ruyters: 4-3

Johan D'Hondt vs Luca Brecel 4.5

Last Sunday also knew Luca Limburg A second ranking tournament of the season to itself and pull again, the finale vs. Luca Brecel Johan D'Hondt. The Finale was a bit of a back and forth pulling Luca which ultimately could be crowned the winner. Breaks of 40 + Luca in this tournament were: 42,42,60,60,65,73,93,94.


The Open Lie No.2 E-mail
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Saturday, 22 November 2008 13:11

22/11/2008 Aartselaar, Luca Brecel has participated in the tournament, The Open Lie. The player Luca has no frame so he lost through into the 1 / 8 finals where he was up against Kevin Van Hove. This match of a best of 5 could be called as a match on top level, because both players were sharp, there were breaks in 4 frames of 75,81,40,32,57, Luca eventually won the match 3-1. In the 1 / 4 finals Luca played a clever game against Raf Vervoort he won 3-1.In the 1 / 2 finals, his opponent Yvan Van Velthoven, there was also the winner Luca Brecel noemen.De final was played by Luca Brecel and Jurgen Van Roy, in this exciting finale Jurgen knew to build a lead of 2-0 but came back to Luca Brecel 2-2.The deciding frame was actually a battle of attrition because it was at that moment a long time 1u45.Na safety game the last 3 red balls JÜRGEN could play towards himself and himself as the winner of the Lie Open crown.

1 / 8 finals:

Kevin Van Hove - Luca Brecel 1.3
Raf Vervoort - Olivier Coecke 3.2
Yvan Van Velthoven - Mario Van Herk 3-0
Tino de Witte - Kris Van Landeghem 3.2
Rudy Hulsmans - Bert Van Tiggelen 3.1
Maurice Leduc - Nick Vanhee 0-3
Jürgen Van Roy - Christos 3.2
Julius Grauls - Kurt Vanoverberhe 3.1

1 / 4 finals:

Rudy Hulsmans - Nick Vanhee 3.1
Jürgen Van Roy - Julius Grauls 3.2
Luca Brecel - Raf Vervoort 3.1
Yvan Van Velthoven - Tino de Witte 3-0

1 / 2 finals:

Luca Brecel - Yvan Van Velthoven 3-0
Rudy Hulsmans - Jurgen Van Roy 1.3


Jürgen Van Roy - Luca Brecel 3.2

Luca Brecel breaks in this tournament: 32,40,57,58,72,77,81,87,104


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