Flemish Jeugdkampioenschappen E-mail
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Saturday, 19 April 2008 06:19

Flemish Jeugdkampioenschappen

With the start of the PA which starts on Saturday 26/04/08 Luca has the Flemish Youth Championship which was played on 19/4/08 won 4-0 Julius Grauls.

Luca has the entire tournament no frame issued.


Belgians Successful on ON SR-19 Scotland E-mail
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Saturday, 12 April 2008 06:16

At the European Championships in Glasgow have -19 Luca, Laurens Kristof and a remarkable job. All three knew they were in the group stage with 6 out of 7 matches earnings to qualify for the 1 / 16 finals, where Lawrence was eliminated from the strong meritorious Pool Zielinski. Luca Kristof and got one round further and they were not entirely hopeless in the 1 / 8 finals yet recognize their superior respectively Collumb Michael and Austin Smith, both from Scotland. For Luca, also the youngest player at Euro -19, his first European participation was an unexpected success. With a splendid performance by double finalist Vincent Muldoon and a beautiful 107-break he has already played in the spotlight. The learning experience of this European Championship will certainly help him to the age gap to bridge as soon as possible. Congratulations Luca, Laurens and Kristof.


Luca runner-up at senior LK E-mail
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Sunday, 16 March 2008 04:43

Erasmus was in snooker club last weekend at the latest A-ranking of the season fighting for the title at the Limburg seniors. In a thrilling finale, which was managed by the two best players regelmatigste of the season, Johan D'Hondt grabbed his first title by Luca Limburg playing 5-4. Luca in his previous four parties only 1 frame had to give up, in the finals was a 3-1 deficit into a 4-3 lead even reverse, but the victory was finally removed by a strong playing D'Hondt. The final standings in the A-ranking remains unchanged while Luca and conclude with finals in 5 A-4 ranking tournaments (including the winner 3) the season as number 1 in the Limburg-A players.

Next weekend he is again on the last batch of Belgium in Euro Ranking Snooker Tielt.

Belgium Ranking 5 - Euro Snooker in Tielt E-mail
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Saturday, 08 March 2008 04:48

The Ranking of Belgium last season Luca can confirm his good performance last year by pulling. He defeated successively Broeckx Thomas, Kaerts Bjorn Hendrickx Guy Di Franco and Jean-Luc but had in the semi finals Vanhee Nick let go for 4-2. Nick later lost the final overall winner Yvan Van Velthoven with 0-5. Yvan also scored 116 in the highest tournament break. Luca climbs through his semi-final few places in the rankings again and start with the national cadet tournament next weekend to preparing for the European Championships -19 to Scotland early next Monday

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