Belgium Ranking 5 2009
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Sunday, 15 March 2009 20:17

Belgium Ranking No.5 PLAYED ON 14/15 MARCH 2009 IN RE SC-SPOT HASSELT.Beste people, Belgium, the ranking is over for this season. Luca Brecel has been able to achieve target. He has five of the tournaments for men and 1 Final 2 semi finals to play again so he climbs in the ranking Belgium. In the second B.ranking lose in the first round against a strong Geudens playing Mario in the fourth tournament, he should specify in the second round with buikkrampen.Het next tournament he will play the U19 Championship in St.Petersburg and This will start in the next weekend.Hier a few breaks that Luca Brecel has made this ranking 30,33,36,40,40,42,48,49,54,57,57,59,69,81 Belgium , 82,101,108. Luca Brecel is currently 31 official at the century's final to earn ranking points for this season at the Belgian Championships in May 2009 Quarter-Finals

 Björn Haneveer 4 to 1 Mario Van Herk
 Luca Brecel 4-2 Mario Geudens
 Kevin Van Hove 4 to 1 Kurt Desplenter
 Jurgen Van Den Bossche 4-2 Vanhee Nick
Semi Finals

Jurgen Van Den Bossche 2 to 4 Kevin Van Hove

 Björn Haneveer 4 -2 Luca Brecel

Björn Haneveer 5 to 1 Kevin Van Hove


National Juniors and Cadets No.5 2009
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Sunday, 08 March 2009 20:10

7/3/2009, the latest national rankings of the season in the Juniors and Cadets finished.

Luca Brecel has both tournaments and the profit packed so leadership may hold the Junior year 1 ranking with 525 points and the cadets provional ranking with 1085 points.

Juniors - 21 to 1 / 4 finals
Luca Brecel - Alvyn Depoorter 3-0
Nicky Godeyne - Laurens De Staelen 3-0
Jurian Heusdens - Angelo Eyckmans 3.2
Kristof Vermeiren - Jeroen Struijs 3.1

Juniors - 21 1 / 2 finals
Luca Brecel - Nicky Godeyne 3.2
Jurian Heusdens - Kristof Vermeiren 3.2

The Finale Juniors -21

Luca Brecel - Jurian Heusdens 4.2

Highest break: Luca Brecel - 99

Cadets -16 1 / 2 finals

Gert Van Valckenborgh - Luca Brecel0-3

-16 Cadets final

Dossche Glen - Luca Brecel 1.3

Highest break: Luca Brecel 96

Break Board of Luca about 27 frames in the Juniors and Cadets.

30,30,30,30,31,31,32,34,35,38,38,39,43,46,47,48,49,49,49,53,63,63,64,65,80, 82,96,99.

Thursday, March 12, 2009 he was nominated for the prize Limburg sports talent of the year 2008.


Limburg in 2008-2009 SC Junior Ranking Zuma
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Tuesday, 03 March 2009 22:13

Luca Brecel was unstoppable in the fourth Limburg Juniors ranking. He played in 13 frames the following breaks: 30/32/39/40/40/44/47/71/72/102/112/113/122


Luca Brecel - 2-0 Julius Grauls

Luca Brecel - The Staelen Laurens 2-0

Luca Brecel - Corens David 2-0 112 break

Semi Finals

Luca Brecel - Nicky Godeyne break 3-0 113,72,71


Luca Brecel - Jurian Heusdens break 3-1 122.102

Also to mention that the tables at SC Zuma real gems are to play. congratulations to Pascal Meubis Zuma and the entire team.


Limburg Juniors ranking 4
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Sunday, 22 February 2009 22:13

Luca Brecel brings snooker-loving EXTASE in Ontario ...
February 22, 2009. What had been a perfectly normal Sunday

The local carnival shifted junior tournament of the 4th Limburg Zonhoven  to Peer. Again, many smiling faces afterwards, even the non-winners, because this will allow them this time but call. Beautiful confrontations were planned, with the first edition of the Limburg A final round of ranking, namely Luca Brecel  vs. Julius GRAULS . Again Luca was a size  too big for the revelation of Diepenbeek. 2-0 in no time, with three 30 + breaks.Verder no surprises, Laurens De Staelen  also won with 2-0.In won the other pool Jurian Heusdens and Nicky Godeyne their first game with 2-0.En so it went by ... no surprises here, but which nevertheless beautiful attacking snooker zien.Tot as master ... Brecel is transformed into snooker guru! On the table for his infamous 4 , he Potte a splendid 112 clearance together! The young David Corens  sat there and watched ... For the 2nd place in that pool were Julius and Laurens are measured in a shootout, with Julius as the winner went to the semi finales.In the other pool and pulled Jurian Nicky freedom raft Pieter Pepels  and Kenji Van Hulle. And then made room for what we post an initial sign of the great wall, which went Luca building that day, turned out to be!
Nicky Godeyne opened the score, but lost no more than 1 point, which also showed off his LAST?!?

Luca was successively a 113-break, 71 -, 39 - and another 72-break! This he scored 320 points at one point to get FREE!
As a semi-final! Not that it was Nicky who made it so easy, no not at all, but it was Nicky who barely 5 times at table was a superb stand of Luca Brecel!

The other semifinal was less superlative, but then again the more exciting. Jurian Heusdens took it with the least difference of Julius Grauls: 3-2.

Less visible, but the frequency was significantly Jurian the finale pulled, he scored on the way forward yet about 6 breaks over 30, with 54 as highest. And he went by Luca ... started the final with a 122 clearance!  ... but was not enough. He closed with a 102, so as to record back2back centuries, more than a rarity! The third frame was Jurian, as this only thing that managed to steal a frame from a powerful Luca that day! The last frame was then a formality, so the 4th Luca Limburg Juniors Tournament wins!
Even here the statistics: Luca Brecel had 13 breaks over 30 frames SAME record! This together with the 4 centuries, without any point 320ptn and back2back centuries in the finals for him that this was a very successful performance was in Peer!


A Ranking Bon'Aparte Limburg 2009
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Sunday, 15 February 2009 22:13

A ranking Limburg Finals

1 / 8 Finale

Luca Brecel - Gilbert Engelbos: 3-2
Mario Van Herk - Rudy Reekmans: 3-0
Kevin Vande Voort - Davy Pauly: 1-3
Eddy Kverh - Kevin Draulans: 1-3
Johny Moermans - Ludovic Tardie: 1-3
Julius Grauls - Bruno Vanoppen: 3-2
Noel Leduc - Nicky Godeyne: 3-0
Laurens De Staelen - Rik Cornitensis: 3-2

1 / 4 Final

Luca Brecel - Mario Van Herk: 3-1
Davy Pauly - Kevin Draulans: 3-2
Ludovic Tardie - Julius Grauls: 2-3
Noel Leduc - Laurens De Staelen: 0-3

Semi Finals

Luca Brecel - Davy Pauly: 4-0
Julius Grauls - Laurens De Staelen 4-2


Luca Brecel - Julius Grauls

Breaks of Luca: 30,31,31,32,34,35,38,41,44,45,48,56,59,60,60,64,88,128


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