European Snooker Open Malta U17
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Saturday, 31 January 2009 11:13

 Group Matches:

Tuesday: Luca Brecel - Bairaq Al-Urfy (SWE) 3-1

Wednesday: Luca Brecel - Chris Peplow (MAL) 3-0

Thursday: Luca Brecel - Wayne Pace (MALL) 3-0

Friday: Luca Brecel - George Marter (ENG) 3-0 break 101 - 48 to 42

Luca Brecel - Jake Nicholson (ENG) 3-1 break 52 to 38

Luca Brecel wins all its group matches and is automatically placed on the 1 / 2 finals tomorrow.

Zaterdag 1 / 2 finale: Luca Brecel - Shaun Sultana (MAL) 4-0 break 128

Sunday Final: Luca Brecel - Jake Nicholson (ENG) 2 to 5

It was a tactical move and felomstreden finale in which both players matched each other were. Nicholson took the opening frame and in equal second frame erect missed Luca Brecel brown frame for profit. Jake cleared the remaining colors and went 2-0 from. In frame three, which was decided on a respotted black, Luca Brecel had no luck. Again he drew the short straw and Nicholson who until then had hardly missed a ball went out to 3 to 0. The Englishman took a dream start but Luca , who knew not his happiest days, fought back. With a few minor breaks and strong defensive play picked Luca Brecel frame four and five and he brought the state back to 3 to 2. We had another match and everything was possible again. Then frame six, the overturning moment in the finale. Luca Brecel Potte a brilliant long red but the cueball made contact with some other balls and did so in the black pocket disappear. Error 7 and the strong playing Nicholson knew the board remaining open table. He Potte a wonderful break and 60 instead of a chance 3-3 was 4 to 2. The spring seemed broken and Jake got back a little more breathing space. Nicholson also grabbed seven frames and was 5 to 2 the deserved winner of the 2009 European Open U17 Malta.

Highest breaks: Luca Brecel: 128-101
Ryan Clark: 109


No. 4 Ranking in Ghent Belgium
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Sunday, 11 January 2009 19:33

31/01/2009 Belgium, the No. 4 ranking sc finished in St Martin in Ghent.

The results:

Results quarter finals:

Haneveer - Hemelsoet: 4-0
Van Den Bossche - De Bruyn: 4-0
From Goubergen - Hendrickx: 4-2
Henry - 1.4 Geudens

Haneveer is in the 3rd frame 112 and lacks a greenhouse on a potential 147-maximum
Geudens makes the whole game with 7 breaks 30 + 2x62, 55, ...
Results semi finals:
Bjorn Haneveer - Jurgen Van den Bossche 4.3
Tim van Gaubergen - Mario Geudens 2.4
Haneveer - Geudens 1.5
Luca Brecel was the tournament started well with a 3-0 gain in the next round but had to give up with stomach cramps.
The next tournament that plays Luca Brecel is the Limburg on Sunday 8/02/2009 A ranking in sc Bon'Aparte to zonhoven at 10:00 pm
Sincerely, Luke's team.


Hasselt Play Ball 2009
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Sunday, 04 January 2009 19:23

Luca Brecel Sunday, 04/01/2009 regional tournament ranking No.3 Juniors played snooker club in Hasselt Play Ball.

These are the results of Luca Brecel: The pools Nicky Godeyne v Brecel Luca Brecel 0-2

Joeri v Kleynen Brecel Luca Brecel 0-2

V 0-2 Julius Grauls Brecel Luca Brecel

Semi Final: De Luca Brecel Staelen Laurens v 2.3

Finale: Heusdens Jurian v Brecel Luca Brecel 3-0

The Breaks of 40 + Luca Brecel in this tournament were: 40,48,50,52,56,60 and 104

On 09/01/2009 is the next trip to London since 2 days to train with Jimmy White.

Then he goes on 12/01/2009 to Malta as the European U 17 to play.


Belgium Open U 21
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Wednesday, 31 December 2008 09:22

Luca Brecel confirmed at the first Open U 21 in Genk Belgium.

After Saturday first to be initiated into his pool Luca Brecel are 1 / 4 finale Sunday at 10 am from the UK. player Nick Jennings.


Harrison - 4.2 Baird
Luca Brecel - 4.3 Jennings
Wilson - The Staelen 4.2
Whitworth - Bond 4.2


Harrison - Whitworth 2.4

Wilson - Luca Brecel 1.4

Luca Brecel - Darrell Whitworth 5.4

Highest break: Brecel Luca Brecel, 121 116 103 80 67 65 56 51 43


International youth tournament days 1
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Sunday, 21 December 2008 19:16

Luca Brecel has not missed the start of the first national youth tournament in the inte-Riley inn at Genk in snooker game. Because he knew the maximum points to be first and that such a player in his group and Sam Baird that you can also find in pios ranking. The latter had to surrender with 3-0 against Luca Brecel. Luca is in his 13 years the youngest player of the tournament and knew his century's two (116.120 and 80,64,51) a strong impression to the UK.spelers.

Luca Brecel starts sunday 21/12/08 in the 1 / 4 final against Nick Jennings and the match starts at 10:00 sharp.


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