National Junior 2008
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Saturday, 08 November 2008 10:29


Luca Brecel - Sebastian Vermeylen 3-0
Laurens De Staelen - Kristof Vinegar 3.2
Julius Grauls - Robin Diependaele 3-0
Jurian Heusdens - Alvyn Depoorter 3-0


Julius Grauls - Laurens De Staelen 3.2
Luca Brecel - Jurian Heusdens 3.2


Luca Brecel - 4-0 Julius Grauls

Highest Break: Luca Brecel 77


Austria Open 2008
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Monday, 27 October 2008 10:19

At the Austria Open in Wels Luca Brecel has left a good impression again.

He has kicked up in the last 32 since losing to Stuart Bingham (number 21 of the world) with 1-3.

In this game of a best of 5 Luca Brecel made breaks of 56 and 50 but this does against a pro player still no guarantee for profit but again a richer experience.


Belgium Ranking 1 - Euro Snooker Tielt
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Saturday, 27 September 2008 09:29

First Ranking of Belgium in the 2008-2009 season is over and was convincingly won by Bjorn Haneveer our number 1 on the final day had to give up even a frame. Luca Brecel who played a superb tournament was his good performance in recent weeks further and again reached the final where he was so beaten 5-0 by Bjorn. Luca Brecel had preceded the quarterfinals with 4-0 Chris T'Syen reports and in a thrilling semi-final he beat Kevin Vanhove 4-3. Luca Brecel convincing on that one saw a 3-0 lead had been driven back to Kevin to 3-3 in the deciding frame but knew Luca Brecel good to go with the pressure and eventually took the victory within. In the final, Bjorn, who left behind a very strong impression is apparently ready for a few weeks in the first place pios brilliantly to defend the deserved winner. He breaks into the finals of 78,50,49,48,46 and 42. Yet was the highest break of the tournament with a brilliant 119 to Luca Brecel and his final place as he climbs back up the ranking list. Next weekend is the Lie Open (Saturday) and the regional-ranking A (Sunday) on the program. Pressure but pleasant.


The First National Ranking Cadets and Juniors
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Saturday, 27 September 2008 09:29

In Euro Snooker in Tielt Luca Brecel has the first national rankings of the season, both cadets and juniors tournament won. At the junior knocked in the final and first year junior fellow countryman Julius Grauls 4-0. Luca Brecel again who knows his best form, with the juniors Potte 2 centuries (104 and 100) and took as the highest break of the tournament. Even the cadets there was none on the performance of Luca Brecel. Over the whole tournament, he lost only 2 frames and in the finals he defeated Dossche Glen 3-0. Here he realized breaks of 96 to 69 and 59. Hopefully he can continue his good performance in the first Ranking Belgium next weekend also Euro Snooker Tielt.


Belgian Open 2008
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Friday, 19 September 2008 09:25

Last weekend was the Ladle to Duffel for the first time in many years back a major international snooker tournament organized. Initiator CONNECT MANAGEMENT succeeded up 26 of the top 64 snooker professionals to Belgium to meet, including world champions Graeme Dott, Shaun Murphy, Mark Williams, Ken Doherty and John Parrott. A wonderful event, certainly after the many positive reactions from players and visitors, monitoring earned. A boost for the Belgian snooker and a great opportunity for our players and Belgian young talents to match with the world proportions. A unique opportunity for all snooker enthusiasts for a whole weekend enjoying snooker at the highest level.

Luca Brecel has in any case be fully enjoyed, as he once more in the group stage against one of his favorites Matthew Stevens was true. He lost 2-0 but was a party did well to keep up. Matthew Stevens after Luca Brecel was second in his group by winning against Jacobs and Koen Joeri Reisig respectively 2-0 and 2-1.Zo he placed himself in the last 48 and now he could come out against the world number 48 from Tom Ford. Luca Brecel played a clever game and lasted until 1.1 but Ford had a strong following in the frames but 1 chance in frame extraction breaks needed to win the match 3-1. Ford beat Jimmy Michie and even then Ryan Day to be eliminated in the quarterfinals by eventual winner Ricky Walden.
Just before the final Luca Brecel was also a taste of the show area where, after a trick shot demonstration of John Parrott, Dominic Dale and entertainer Jimmy Michie a 6-frame ball against John Parrott. John had a chance Luca Brecel Luca Brecel between the balls and thanked with a clearance.  

Luca Brecel for this tournament was a fine, unique and educational experience. The cool contacts and advice of the top players have convinced him to keep training hard. Hopefully next year we return to this beautiful snooker event.


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