Veenendaal Netherlands Open 08/03/2008

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Veenendaal Netherlands Open 08/03/2008
Luca posted forehead Veenendaal Open tournament on March 8, 2008.

Group profit after last weekend Luca managed to qualify for the main tournament at the Open Veenendaal. It was the final 32 players divided into 8 groups of 4 players. Along with Roy Stolk, Stefan Mazrocis Arya Sohrabi and Luca was fighting for first place in Pool 2, because only the group winner could go to the 1 / 4 finals.

In his first game against Roy Stolk had two players matched each other and the first 4 frames were also nicely distributed. Luca scored a break of 87 here. The deciding frame was, after great defensive game from both players, eventually won by Roy Stolk. He was a handsome 68-break with his first great opportunity to capitalize and took profits as the 3-2 in an attractive and exciting game.

Luca was confident in his second match against Stefan Mazrocis office, at the last World Cup amateur in Thailand have the 1 / 4 finals. With a few minor breaks Luca know in no time to build a 2-0 lead. Stefan Mazrocis, for a little startled and impressed by Luca's potkwaliteiten, had everything off the shelf. His experience has finally given him the key the 3-2 yielded profits. Knap of Stefan in the last two frames to close with frame-winners of 63 and 88. Congratulations to Stefan and the elimination Luca was a fact.

The third and final pool game was no longer determined by both players and it was therefore open play. Luca won the game 3-1 and Potte still breaks of 82 to 48 and 38.

In Pool 4 knew Kevin van Hove, our last remaining Belgian player to qualify for the 1 / 4 finals. Here he was sorry for our disabled by the eventual winner Andy Lee 4-0.

The highest tournament break went to Tom Ford with 137.

Also thanks for the tournament officials who dazzled Luca on a beautiful piece of chocolate for his 13-th birthday.

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