BK 2008

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Monday, 12 May 2008 06:25

Luca Brecel at the Belgian Championship has a wonderful start. Together with his team of cronies Riley Inn Genk, he teams with the title won by the Belgian University (Brabant) in the finals to beat. Earlier in the semi final against Serge Lenaerts Luca Brecel knew even at a clearance of 136 pots and thus verberterde his official break up. When the cadets continued his good form continued and stood for the final. In his quarterfinal against the cadets Corens David Potte Luca Brecel 2 times a 100 break, and also in the juniors is Luca Brecel managed to penetrate to the semi finals. The final battle for both cadets and juniors will be completed during the last weekend of May It promises to be a busy final weekend for Luca Brecel and hopefully he can continue the good form. This week he also started in the male range.



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