The Open Lie No.2

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Saturday, 22 November 2008 13:11

22/11/2008 Aartselaar, Luca Brecel has participated in the tournament, The Open Lie. The player Luca has no frame so he lost through into the 1 / 8 finals where he was up against Kevin Van Hove. This match of a best of 5 could be called as a match on top level, because both players were sharp, there were breaks in 4 frames of 75,81,40,32,57, Luca eventually won the match 3-1. In the 1 / 4 finals Luca played a clever game against Raf Vervoort he won 3-1.In the 1 / 2 finals, his opponent Yvan Van Velthoven, there was also the winner Luca Brecel noemen.De final was played by Luca Brecel and Jurgen Van Roy, in this exciting finale Jurgen knew to build a lead of 2-0 but came back to Luca Brecel 2-2.The deciding frame was actually a battle of attrition because it was at that moment a long time 1u45.Na safety game the last 3 red balls JÜRGEN could play towards himself and himself as the winner of the Lie Open crown.

1 / 8 finals:

Kevin Van Hove - Luca Brecel 1.3
Raf Vervoort - Olivier Coecke 3.2
Yvan Van Velthoven - Mario Van Herk 3-0
Tino de Witte - Kris Van Landeghem 3.2
Rudy Hulsmans - Bert Van Tiggelen 3.1
Maurice Leduc - Nick Vanhee 0-3
Jürgen Van Roy - Christos 3.2
Julius Grauls - Kurt Vanoverberhe 3.1

1 / 4 finals:

Rudy Hulsmans - Nick Vanhee 3.1
Jürgen Van Roy - Julius Grauls 3.2
Luca Brecel - Raf Vervoort 3.1
Yvan Van Velthoven - Tino de Witte 3-0

1 / 2 finals:

Luca Brecel - Yvan Van Velthoven 3-0
Rudy Hulsmans - Jurgen Van Roy 1.3


Jürgen Van Roy - Luca Brecel 3.2

Luca Brecel breaks in this tournament: 32,40,57,58,72,77,81,87,104



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