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Sunday, 30 November 2008 12:56

The results of the Limburg A ranking

Last 16
Johan D'Hondt vs. Gilbert Engelbos: 3-0
Nicky Godeyne vs Mario Van Herk: 3-1
The Laurens Staelen vs Kevin Vande Voort: 3-0
Mark Buteneers Reekmans vs Rudy: 3-1
Davy Pauly vs. Ludovic Tardie: 3-2
Theo Ruyters vs Jan Huysmans: 3-0
Kevin Draulans vs Julius Grauls 3-1
Luca Brecel vs Jurian Heusdens: 3-2

Johan D'Hondt vs Nicky Godeyne: 3-2
The Laurens Staelen vs Mark Buteneers: 3-1
Theo Ruyters vs Davy Pauly: 3-1
Luca Brecel vs Kevin Draulans: 3-0

Semi finals
Johan D'Hondt vs Laurens De Staelen: 4-3
Luca Brecel vs Theo Ruyters: 4-3

Johan D'Hondt vs Luca Brecel 4.5

Last Sunday also knew Luca Limburg A second ranking tournament of the season to itself and pull again, the finale vs. Luca Brecel Johan D'Hondt. The Finale was a bit of a back and forth pulling Luca which ultimately could be crowned the winner. Breaks of 40 + Luca in this tournament were: 42,42,60,60,65,73,93,94.



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