Hasselt Play Ball 2009

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Sunday, 04 January 2009 19:23

Luca Brecel Sunday, 04/01/2009 regional tournament ranking No.3 Juniors played snooker club in Hasselt Play Ball.

These are the results of Luca Brecel: The pools Nicky Godeyne v Brecel Luca Brecel 0-2

Joeri v Kleynen Brecel Luca Brecel 0-2

V 0-2 Julius Grauls Brecel Luca Brecel

Semi Final: De Luca Brecel Staelen Laurens v 2.3

Finale: Heusdens Jurian v Brecel Luca Brecel 3-0

The Breaks of 40 + Luca Brecel in this tournament were: 40,48,50,52,56,60 and 104

On 09/01/2009 is the next trip to London since 2 days to train with Jimmy White.

Then he goes on 12/01/2009 to Malta as the European U 17 to play.



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